My First Alias

Left work early. Braving the cold. Going to  exercise my right to vote. I'm GB & I approve this message.

Walking to Dunwoody MARTA Station on Election Day 2012.

I have my first rapper alias alias: G.B.: a Cold Bass M.C. Because Election Day 2012 in Georgia is 48°, cloudy, rainy, and windy. But I thank the Good Lord YHWH that I have a warm hat, coat, blood in my veins to keep me warm on the brisk walk to the Dunwoody MARTA Station.

I’m going back to Cobb County to vote, see my wife and daughters, and go into my home studio to put my new Windows 8 desktop through it’s paces. I haven’t been able to produce or record any beats or songs since early spring when my laptop hard drive gave up the digital ghost.

PSA time: Always, always backup your projects to the cloud and DVD data disk. You’ll be glad you did.

Grace and peace in Jesus’ name,
G.B.: a Cold Bass M.C.

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